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Selling stamps in New Zealand

Your stamps for sale generally fall into one of these categories:
• a carefully assembled collection that the collector has decided to sell;
• a stamp collection passed down from a family member that needs assessment for possible sale;
• new stamps purchased from a PostShop that have a printing error.

In all cases Ashford Stamps Ltd can provide a professional opinion on the best method of sale. We understand that not everyone with stamps to sell is a stamp expert, so we can offer helpful assistance without obligation.

"What are my stamps worth?" We can make a cash offer if there are items we are interested in purchasing or perhaps suggest alternative avenues for disposal. There is no charge for an initial assessment. Sending us an email with a few sample photos is a good start.

Email ashford@stampsale.com.

The value of a stamp collection is often determined by the knowledge, enthusiasm and budget of the collector. Some collectors make frequent purchases from stamp dealers or stamp auctions. For top quality rare stamps we aim to offer the best market prices possible. For very large or valuable collections we can often exceed the offers of general stamp dealers who buy anything that is offered to them.

On the other hand, collections passed down through the family or assembled by purchasing new First Day Covers from the Post Office can often be of little value to advanced collectors. Sometimes collections are in poor condition. Although it may be disappointing to the owner, in some cases we may not be interested in purchasing.

Printing errors of current stamps (or older stamps) can sometimes be purchased for a few dollars or hundreds of dollars. If you have stamps missing the perforations, with misplaced perforations cutting through the designs, stamps with a colour missing, or any other printing faults we are keen to see them.

Managing Director and valuer is Mr Brian Rumsey. Since 1983 Brian has been involved in most aspects of professional philately, including valuations, retail, mail order and stamp shows. Brian is on the executive committee of the New Zealand Stamp Dealers Association, a trade body committed to upholding professional and ethical standards in the industry. Brian is also part of the expert committee of the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand, a small group of expert philatelists used in the consultation process to identify rare New Zealand stamps or determine authenticity.